A Pretty Sight At Coral Cove Beach

Driving down one of the many picturesque main roads in Koh Samui, glimpses of white sand, massive rock formations, and reflective crystal clear azure waters come within the range of your peripheral vision.

Most passersby disregard this fleeting sight and instead continue on their journey towards Chaweng, another popular beach spot on the island. The result is them missing out on one of the prettiest beaches on Samui.

Coral Cove Beach

Placed on the fringes of Lamai, Coral Cove Beach is a 200-metre long creek framed by huge boulders lining up each side of the beach, which also includes a peak that separates it from another underrated beach destination on Koh Samui, Silver Beach.

Out of all the “secret” beaches on the island, Coral Cove Beach is one that skews more towards the romantic side of things — providing an ideal (and quiet) beach destination for couples or honeymooners looking for a romantic tryst.

For one, the beach is remarkably well-maintained and clean, while the waters here are deeper and contain a variety of colourful fishes — perfect for a spot of snorkelling with your partner. More importantly, Coral Cove Beach is an isolated affair, set outside the realms of more famous seaside resorts such as those in Chaweng and Lamai.

Also, there’s a wide selection of accommodation options here ranging from seaside hotels to resorts built on top of the rocks. Other accommodations also include beach bungalows which afford privacy and luxury for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Despite the relative ease in which one may access this beach, it’s still understandably baffling how few visitors Coral Cove Beach receives on a daily basis. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing for you looking to stay away from the crowds, right?

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